Martens (2004) claims that coaching young people to become successful athletes—and successful human beings is difficult unless you already have the teaching skills of an educator, the training expertise of a physiologist, the administrative leadership of a business executive, and the counselling wisdom of a psychologist.

Considering the above, coaches need to continually develop, learn, mature and grow so that they are at the cutting edge of their profession. Team Plymouth wants to offer coaches the support that they require so that they can fulfil these requirements. We hope that this professional coaching development will assist athletes in their quest for elite athletic performance.

Team Plymouth are prepared to tailor the support given to coaches, to ensure that it suits a coaches’ sport, style, method, athlete and approach. Thus, depending on the type of applicant, coaches may be offered financial support, mentors, academic assistance, sports science information, injury prevention details etc.


Give to Sport is a Networking Tool and a Virtual Information Centre for Plymouth and the Peninsular. Give to Sport hopes to make sports volunteering easy and aims to increase the number of qualified and recognised individuals in sport in Plymouth and the region. Give to Sport additionally aims to be an informative hub of sports knowledge and information for aspiring coaches and athletes. Finally, our goal is to maximise all members’ enjoyment levels so they can take full advantage of their time with Give to Sport.
  • Give to Sport is totally FREE for you to use as you please.
  • Members of Give to Sport receive (via e-newsletter) a variety of up-to-date opportunities in coaching, volunteering, assisting and officiating. As well as job opportunities, information on coaching courses and up & coming events.
  • Members also gain access to useful information on sports science, nutrition, strength and conditioning, training programmes, sports psychology, time management, goal setting and professional development in sports.
  • To register your details please visit and type in Give to Sport into the search box and navigate to the Online Registration.

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